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Teachers Retirement Seminars - Why Do I Need One?

Updated: May 14, 2021

It may seem like every day you receive another email inviting you to a retirement seminar or webinar and in a sense, we are partly responsible for the stream of information. But why do companies like us invite you to these events, what do they offer that you cannot find elsewhere and who should you turn to for guidance as you approach your retirement?

teachers in seminar hand in the air mosaac ltd independent financial adviser barnsley teachers retirement seminar

Retirement Seminars have been around for many years and are usually delivered by a financial adviser who specialises in a particular pension scheme, for example the Teachers’ Pension Scheme. These schemes are often complicated, can have several different versions in operation at any point in time and learning the intricacies of each can take several years.

You could, of course, research the details of the pension scheme yourself. The Teachers Pensions website will provide a wealth of information, but as they themselves will tell you, they are not authorised to give advice and indeed suggest that you seek help from an Independent Financial Adviser. This is because there are many other factors that need to be taken into account before you leave the school gates behind for the final time, for example:

  • How much income will you need to live on each month?

  • How much will your Teachers’ Pension provide?

  • Can you retire early?

  • What is your tax status now, and will it change when you retire?

  • Will you be penalised for returning to work?

  • What about your State Pension?

When choosing which retirement seminars to attend, it is important to do your homework. As I mentioned earlier, most are delivered by specialist financial advisers. However, you should note that some advisers can only advise on their own products and will tailor your needs to fit their offerings. Indeed, some financial advisers claim to be independent but are only able to recommend a small panel of companies or hide behind a trading name.

So why do we at Mosaac offer a Retirement Webinar and what makes us different from other advisers?

We believe that after a lifetime of guiding your students, you deserve the most appropriate guidance and information that will help you make the most of your retirement. It is our mission to guide you not only up to your retirement day, but long after. We are a truly independent firm of financial advisers and will recommend not only the most appropriate solution but the most appropriate product provider. We pride ourselves on our stance on social responsibility and have made this our focus for 2021.

Why not attend one of our free events, get to know us as a Firm and allow us to help you enjoy your retirement for many years to come.


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