Leisurely Walk, Anyone?

This year, Mosaac are focussing on sustainability and are looking at several ways to help reduce our carbon footprint, as well as ensuring that the future of the planet is always a focus for us as a Company.

The inactivity some of us were faced with during the pandemic made me realise that we could, in a small way, do something good – both for ourselves as individuals and for the globe. And so, one sleep-deprived night, I came up with the crazy idea of doing a charity walk.

Mosaac’s chosen charity is the International Tree Foundation. One of their current projects, is the Dophia Agroforestry Group, who work with small scale farmers in Kenya to build capacity in agroforestry as a way of improving quality of soils and crop productivity, as well as a providing source of fruits, firewood and legumes for livestock.

This project also involves planting of trees on slopes and degraded land to reclaim these lands and restore soils through natural regeneration. Working with the right species, over time, both physical and biological characteristics of soils improve.

With this project in mind, I have challenged the team to walk the equivalent distance of our office in Royston, Barnsley to Nairobi, Kenya. This is a distance of 10,500 km between us. And if that wasn’t a big enough challenge, I’ve set a deadline of 90 days for us to complete the challenge in.

Our team are of mixed ability and each have our own personal motivation to complete the challenge, from rehabilitation following injury to losing the lock-down few pounds, or from an extra sporting push to a New Years’ Resolution.

This is a mighty challenge for us, and we hope that you will be able to support us in our quest, knowing that any donation you are able to make will encourage us to push that bit harder for this very worthwhile cause.

Keep checking back for updates on our progress so far!