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Cashflow Planning

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

At Mosaac we recognise that every single one of our clients is unique. Your circumstances, from where you work, what you earn, your lifestyle and your dreams and aspirations are different and that is why we know that a 'one size fits all' approach simply doesn't work.

We help you to build the picture of your financial future by looking at all of your options and exploring what might happen in a range of different scenarios. 

Our sophisticated financial cashflow modeling software can really help to set the scene here. Your adviser will input your current financial information and that's where the fun starts. You can start to look at what would happen in many different scenarios - what if I retire earlier than planned, how long will my pension funds last? What if I save more, spend more, take a round-the-world cruise? 

Each possible scenario will have an impact on your finances moving forward and we are able to model what this impact will be. This will help when making those difficult financial decisions as you will be able to see the impact before you make a change.  Every time something changes in your life we will update the cashflow model so that you are constantly on track to meet your goals.

Software will never take the place of a conversation with a financial adviser, but it can help your adviser to set the scene and to support you in reaching your goals. Contact us to arrange an appointment to start building the picture of your financial future.

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