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How We Work

At Mosaac we take pride in delivering the most appropriate advice for your individual circumstances. We know that everyone is unique and that your circumstances, ambitions and dreams are unique too. That's why we will take time to really get to know you and to understand your future aspirations.

We will work closely with you from the initial meeting to ensure that you stay on track with your financial journey.

Initial Meeting

We will begin our journey by finding out about you and your aspirations. Your adviser will spend time collecting information and discussing your needs. This will then help you and your adviser to prioritise what is important. This initial meeting can be carried out face to face or remotely and your adviser will agree this with you before the meeting.


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Once your adviser has gathered the information they need they will start to assess a range of possible solutions to meet your needs. Our advisers have access to whole of market research tools which enable them to ensure that they have considered all the solutions that might be right for you.


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Now we have a clear picture of how we can help you to meet your objectives we will arrange a further meeting. At this meeting we will discuss possible solutions and work through the cash flow model. We can add or amend the model during the meeting to make sure that it matches your aspirations. We will then agree on the next steps to put your plan in action.


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Attitude to Risk

At the initial meeting your adviser will talk about your Attitude to Risk. You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire and your adviser will discuss your responses or talk you through any questions you are unsure about. This will enable us to ensure that any recommendation matches the risk you are willing and able to take.


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Cashflow Model

Once we have gathered all of your information and researched possible solutions we will add your details to our sophisticated cashflow modelling system. This system enables us to put in a range of different scenarios to see how your finances will shape up in the future. We can add all of the things you dream of doing and make sure that your finances are up to the challenge.


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Ongoing Support

Our relationship with you doesn't end there. We will be there to support you on your financial journey as much as you need us. We will discuss the best level of service for you and pencil in a future meeting if required. We will be there as your life changes be it a new arrival, a house move, a new job, an inheritance and as you start to plan for your retirement. We will update your personal cashflow model to see the impact of each life changing event as we go along.


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