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Sustainable Funds

Image by Azzedine Rouichi

"We believe that companies and industries that will perform best in the 21st Century are those that consider how their actions will affect the world in 25 or 50 years time. We expect companies with such vision to be best placed to seize the opportunities arising from environmental, social and political changes. The widely held notion that Socially Responsible Investing necessarily produces inferior performance is wholly wrong: Numerous SRI funds have consistently outperformed their mainstream equivalents. This is not an idealistic approach to investing: environmental and social issues regularly affect stock prices with dramatic results" - Clare Brook, Head of Socially Responsible Investing, Liontrust.

At Mosaac we believe that sustainable investing is very much at the heart of many of our customers. As independent advisers we are able to research the whole of the market to find a sustainable fund to meet your needs. 

Sustainable funds are screened by fund managers to ensure they meet appropriate criteria. Screening may involve one or both methods below:

Negative Screening - this is where criteria is excluded. Examples may include arms, tobacco, pornography or alcohol.

Positive Screening - this is where criteria is included. Examples might include where there is a positive impact on the community such as the development of lower-carbon fuels or companies who excel in corporate governance and working practices.

By actively engaging with companies who have sustainability at their heart we can have a positive impact on society and the world in general, doing good and bringing about no harm.

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