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Protection That Matters

Updated: May 14, 2021

It’s a fact of life that whilst most people are quite happy to insure cars, homes and pets, few of us see the same need to insure ourselves. Very few people hold adequate life cover on themselves or their loved ones. Health insurance is even less likely to be in place.

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How can you provide your loved ones if you are faced with life-changing events?

Yet our biggest asset is ourselves, not our car or our home. You provide the income to keep your home, you provide the income for your car, holidays, treats and essential day to day living expenses, yet we don’t insure ourselves against unexpected lifetime events that could affect our home, car and indeed our family. We’re not just talking about the unthinkable here i.e death but the things (certainly as we get older) that are more likely to happen such as illness or the ability or opportunity to work. All of these can be life changing for you and your nearest and dearest.

So why don’t we put the same effort into insuring ourselves as we do our homes, cars and pets? I’m sure we’ve all visited comparison sites when receiving our car renewal notice, saved a few pounds and thought “great job”, but using a comparison site for your own personal insurance is a bit more complex.

Here are a few of the things you may want to think about and questions that may arise:

  • What is Level Term Assurance?

  • What cover should I hold to protect my mortgage?

  • What does a Critical Illness Policy cover?

  • How do I cover my income if I can’t work?

  • What is Permanent Health Insurance? Do I need it?

  • Should I take out a Whole of Life Policy?

  • How much does Private Medical Cover Cost?

  • All policies cover the same things don’t they?

As we can see from above, a few questions bring up a whole raft of conversations and what ifs. It can get a little confusing in what cover you need and how you should prioritise what is most essential for your own personal circumstances.

This is where Mosaac can help. We can steer you through the confusion and help to highlight the cover that’s right for you and your family, ensuring that if the unexpected happens, you’re in a financially sound position.

We can review your existing policies to make sure that they are still suitable for your needs, and that you are getting good value for money. We will review your situation and suggest areas that may need a little extra attention.

There’s no time like the present to put yourself and loved ones to the top of your insurance planning list - contact us today!

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