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Independent Mortgage Advice

Updated: May 14, 2021

Buying a new home is often the most expensive purchase we will make in our lifetime. If you’ve found the perfect home then let us help you by finding the perfect mortgage.

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An “Independent” mortgage adviser is someone who provides impartial advice on your mortgage options. They are not employed or associated with Building Societies, Banks or other lenders, but they work independently for you to help find the right deal to suit your circumstances. You use their service when you want to find the best and most ideal mortgage for you.

Our independent mortgage advisers can help if you are

·A first time buyer looking to get on the property ladder

· A home mover needing further funds

· Staying put but looking for a cheaper deal on your existing property

· A Buy to Let investor

· Looking to release equity from your property in later life,

· A home owner in a fixed term that may be coming to an end

Independent advice helps ensure the mortgage is tailored to your requirements.

Ask yourself:

Did I get the best deal by searching the market?

Do I want the peace of mind knowing I’m not paying more than I have to?

Is my mortgage right for me or my lender?

If you can answer positively to all these well done - you’ve obviously taken independent advice. If not then maybe we can help?

At Mosaac we only work independently on our clients behalf and not on behalf of the lender. We search the market for all available deals, not just one or two mortgage lenders but all that are available. We can source deals that suit your requirements, not someone else’s.

Give us a call for a no obligation chat. We may be able to help you to save money on your existing mortgage and to find the perfect deal for your new one


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